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About us

We are a proven and well-rehearsed team with years of experience in the field of sports car construction, composites, prototype construction, tuning and motorsport. We look forward to continuing to offer our customers a wide range and the usual service.

Alexander Zilliger & Markus Gutjahr


 Team Boss


 Driver (German Champion 125 ccm)

Formula Sport

 Formula BMW chief mechanic

 Formula Renault chief mechanic

 Formula 3 chief mechanic

 Formula 3 driver

 Formula Opel-Lotus driver

 Formula Renault driver

 Formula King driver

 Formula 1 test driver on 1989 Arrows Turbo

 Formula 1 test driver on 2005 Toyota Formula 1

 Formula 1 mechanic (Historical F1)

Long Distance / Touring Car

 Team Leader

  Chief Mechanic

  Project Manager

  Construction / Maintenance and Servicing of BMW DTM 89`-92` vehicles

Porsche Supercup

 Chief Mechanic 2010-2011

Prototype Construction / Small Series

 Development and construction Veritas RSIII V8

 Development and construction Brabham BT92

 Development and construction Veritas RSIII V10

Development / Construction - Components

 Development and design BMW Airbox Systems

 Development and construction of brake syste

 Development and construction of aerodynamic components


Ringener Straße 44

53474  Bad Neuenahr


+49 (0)2641 / 809 80-50